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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the difference between your managed servers and your specialist hosting services?

A. All of our fully managed hosting plans are on extremely high performance servers that put most other hosting providers to shame. The poor performance of the majority of hosts was one of the reasons ethica was formed! The difference is that we tweek our servers that run a particular platform to ensure the highest security and to scrape even higher performance out of the hardware. For example installing wordpress on our standard servers would result in performance that would easily beat most other providers, but on our specialist wordpress servers we tailor everything from serverside caching to php settings, to installing special and non intrusive modules to provide even tighter security within wordpress itself etc etc. Together this bespoke tailoring of our wordpress servers work to set a new standard of unhackability and a new definition of the term ‘blazingy fast’

Q. Do you support Php 5.x?

A. The php 5 series is now old and outdated by any standard. Higher performance of your website can be achieved simply by upgrading to php 7 series.

If you need php 5 then please read on.

php versions 5.5 or earlier are no longer supported by the php team or by ethica. 5.6 is no longer in the active support period but is scheduled to receive security updates until 31st December 2018. Existing ethica customers can continue to use 5.6 until the end of 2018 at which point any domains still making use of 5.6 will be upgraded to 7.0 to ensure appropriate security of our hosting solutions.

It’s important to note that we strongly recommend you plan a migration of your site to at least 7.0 or preferably 7.1 as soon as possible and well before the end of 2018.

As part of our responsible hosting strategy new customers will not have access to the php 5 series on any of our shared, vps, cloud or managed hosting solutions. If you really wish to install such outdated software, this is only possible on ethica, by using a self managed dedicated server.

For more information on php development click here to be taken to the PHP website

Q. Do you offer MySql?

A. On all of our managed servers we utilise the MariaDB series 10.x

This is a modern drop in replacement for MySQL, offering total compatibility, but with far higher performance, and greater security

Q. Do I need to do anything to ensure php or MySQL/MariaDB are updated when new versions are released?

A. We won’t routinely upgrade major versions eg php7.0 to php 7.1 as there can sometimes be changes introduced that without testing could break your site. However we will always automatically install the laster bug fix releases eg 7.0.18 to 7.0.19. These point releases only fix problems whether it be performance or security. We normally update all customers within 24hours of the new version being released. The same applies to MariaDB

If you wish to change your major version, you may do this yourself via the hosting control panel, or if you open a ticket – we can do it for you

In the event that you are still using an old version, we will allow you to remain on that version until it is no longer receiving security updates, then we will upgrade you. We will alert you 6 months before, to give you plenty of time for testing.

Php 5.6 is no longer actively supported, but is receiving security updates by the php team until 31st December 2018. Therefore if we have any customers still using 5.6 on the 31st June 2018 we will give them a final alert to warn them of impending deprecation in 6 months time. However this is an edge case, we fully expect the vast, if not all of our customers to have made the change to php 7.x well before then. 87% of our customers have already moved to php 7.x